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Celebrating Endings

Welcoming our audience back has never been better! 

To celebrate endings we have a dynamic duo of plays. Both have been written and directed by talented members of our company. What could be better?!

Funeral Tea

Directed by Dave Wilson

It Might have Happened in the Toilet

Written and Directed by Heather Cornally

Celebrating Endings - flyer.jpg

Funeral Tea


Director: Dave Wilson

Cast List

Mrs Ellis the Caterer: Pat Wilson

Mrs Booth: Diane Letchford

It Might have Happened in the Toilet

Directed and writer: Heather Cornally

Cast List

Miss Autopsy: Louisa Waters 

Agent Brains: Jim Gilbourne

Agent C: Geoff B

Agent Two: Sophie Wood

Agent Serious: Clive Malling

Mr Fixit: Dave Wilson

Cleaner: Mary

Counsellor: Roger 

Body: Jordan Lee

Prompt: Maxwell Drury

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